Tuesday, June 10, 2008



Before continuing the coverage of the downtown area, I'm going to head back to the Pearl District to add a couple of newly found signs. It's always a nice surprise to discover a new sign on a building you've seen hundreds of times before.

I can only make out a small portion of this from street level. "B.T Co..." is all I can see. It's on the west-facing side of Powell's Technical Bookstore and you can see it from NW 9th and Couch.



Officer said...

Not to far from here, up by Powells Books, looking south from the corner of 10th and Burnside, you can see a sign for "Helmes(?) Business School - Day and Night School" on the building behind the Ace Hotel. There is a big graffiti over part of it, though.

dan said...

Yep. Right here... http://pdxbuildingads.blogspot.com/2008/03/holmes-business-college.html