Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cafe Food

Building, 1909

Before it was Demetri's Restaurant & Lounge at the corner of West Burnside and SW 17th, it was a cafe of some sort. Demetri's threw a neon sign over part of the old sign on the west wall and painted over the rest.

Demetri's is now gone, and along with it the neon sign, leaving just a remnant of the painted sign. At least that's how it was when Samuel John Klein captured the first photo in July 2009. Even that little bit is gone now; the second photo shows it in October of 2009. Google Street View (bottom) shows how the old Demetri's neon looked.

Thanks to Sam for the use of the revealed "CAFE FOOD" photograph from his The ZehnKatzen Times blog.


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