Monday, April 2, 2012


Original posting date: February 17, 2010

I started this project two and a half years ago, in August, 2007. I was going to simply reshoot some ghost signs I'd photographed in 1996-97. That ballooned into a project to chronicle all of Portland's ghost signs. And I think I've done that, or at least all I know about and want to include.

Therefore, this blog is going into hiatus until I come up with fresh material. That may be a new (old) sign that I find, or that you tell me about. It may be a sign that's uncovered due to demolition of a building. It may be the loss of an existing sign due to new construction or covering with new advertising. Or I may wait another 10 years and start all over again to see how these great signs are holding up.

Please let me know if you think I should include something here, if you know about a sign that I don't know about. I know they're out there!

If you're a Portland history buff and love old photos, follow along on my new venture: Vintage Portland.


Peter Vogel, Sign artist said...


Dan, I have appreciated your photos and brief histories more than you know. I hope you plan to keep Vintage Portland going. I'll continue to read and comment there!

Podington Bear said...

An avid reader, I look forward to the next chapter, be it more ghost signs, or something else.

dot said...

Hey, some recent work has uncovered an old painted 7-Up ad over on Sandy, on the little building just east of the Roseway Theater.

dan said...

@dot, thanks for the great find! I've posted it today.

-carywd said...

- miss you

JaneJoan said...
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JaneJoan said...

Do you know about the ghost sign on the old car barn at corner of 27th and Savier NW? "Detroit Motor Car Co" and "garage and storage". Ignore if you already know of this.