Monday, July 5, 2010

Wm. Landauer Groceries

Wm. Landauer Mercantile, 1891

I just discovered this beautifully restored sign at the corner of SE 30th and Stark Streets. William Landauer opened his grocery store here in 1891. By 2007 the building was leaning a foot-and-a-half to the southeast and had a giant tree growing into the basement. Read the story of the restoration here.



Mew said...

The owners put so much money into renovation! That's my normal drive street to get home, Stark or Belmont, and I've seen that building get ripped apart and then put back together. I've seen the owners (I think a gal/guy couple) walking around sometimes when I drive by - one of these days I'm going to stop and thank them for the renovation.

Jay said...

Now that's a beautiful one.

Btw, just discovered one right across the street from me a couple months ago that I never noticed before. Even though I've lived in this apartment for 2.5 years now.

Here's a Mission Orange Soda ad I took from the back of the building at the SW corner of SE Cesar Chavez / 39th & Gladstone Street -

From some looking around online it appears 1940s vintage. The building used to be a grocery, and is now Hugo Kern furniture refinishing. There's a few other cool ads of unknown (to me, at least) vintage on the building, they look at least a few decades old.

Another old grocery in a with an ad still on the side of the building is just south of here in the Woodstock neighborhood, in a residential area along SE 41st I think it is, in the vicinity of Steele. They also even had, last time I walked past (about 2 months ago or so), a historical photo in the front window of the place showing the inside of the grocery circa 1910 I believe it is.

Shane said...

Good coffee joint. They roast their own beans and all. Check it out, the inside was well done too.