Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mission Orange

This once-colorful old Mission Orange sign takes some careful sleuthing to find. Tucked under some old cedar trees at the back of an old commercial building at SE 39th and Gladstone, this sign probably once advertised the orange soda at a long-gone grocery store at this location. An almost extinct sign just to the right of this could have been a grocery sign. Thanks again to Jay for telling me about this sign.

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Hedy said...

That sign has since been painted over. It looks like they were in the process as you were able to get it. I was sad to see it go. I don't know much about the building other than it was at least partially occupied by a furniture refinishing outfit and upholsterer for many years. The upholsterer moved out in June, and the building is partially vacant now. You got that shot from my driveway. LOL

What's interesting is that sign really only ever overlooked my house, and it was built in 1911. The building, according to Portland Maps, dates back to 1928.