Friday, August 31, 2007

Snow Flake Sodas

Pacific Coast Biscuit Company, 1890

"The Home of National Biscuit Co." advertised their soda crackers on the north face of the Pacific Coast Biscuit Company building at NW 11th and Davis. It appears this was painted over with red paint some time in the past; that layer is largely gone and may have served as a protection for the underlying advertising.

"Harmony U-Park-It Garage" offered monthly rates sometime in the past, but rudely covered part of the Snow Flake box. It makes for an interesting history of the building however.

There's also a ghost structure shooting up at a steep angle; perhaps a roofline from a no longer existent adjoining building.

To find this, stand at the entrance to the Bearing Service Co. building at NW 11th and Davis.


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