Thursday, December 27, 2007


Neville Bag Company, 1905

The Neville Bag Company manufactured burlap, bags, twine, ropes, etc. in this building in the early 20th century at NW 5th and Davis. At least one paint-over makes this hard to decipher. You can see this from NW 6th and Davis.



Mourningdove's Serendipity said...

Wonderful~ I am so glad you are doing this project! I have noticed many of these. There are some in St. Johns and I would love to know the history.

Ken Mann said...

I own a building in Bellingham and the interior of a wall is the former exterior of the neighboring building... it was built in 1905, so the original exterior wall had a painted advertisement between 1895 and 1905... It says "America's Favorite... " and then the bottom part has been painted over!! I would love to restore it and know the original ad... any idea how to find out? Thanks!
Ken Mann