Saturday, December 1, 2007

Office and Factory


Not having written the location of this building on my 1996 photo, I thought the two buildings had been demolished because I had trouble finding either sign or buildings. Happily, the building on the left (with sign) remains, while the one on the right is gone. While the "Office and Factory" sign is still in existence, it's butted right up against the new high-rise to the east. Barring a catastrophe, we'll never see it again.

What kind of "Office and Factory" this was, I'm unable to determine. It may have been "Columbia Window Shades" or one of the other businesses advertised along the building's north face. The building stands at the corner of NW 5th and Flanders. The new building alongside is Old Town Lofts.

Look carefully from NW 5th and Flanders and you can see the tip of the backside of the sign, butted up against the new building to the east.

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