Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Unknown, Holm Hotel

Holm Hotel, Circa 1890

Urban decay at its finest! Even the plaster on which the sign is painted is falling off the brick exterior. I can't make anything out except "WORK and SPORT" beneath the large letters at the top. See for yourself from SW 3rd and Ankeny.

From National Historic Landmark Nomination, Skidmore/Old Town Historic District:
This property has two distinct but conjoined structures on one taxlot. Both are three-story brick buildings surfaced with stucco, with streetcar-era storefronts at the lower level and two stories above. The southerly building is narrow, with a bracketed sheet metal cornice, segmental-arched windows and a belt cornice. This building has had some alterations, most likely when Burnside Street was widened in 1926. The northerly building has a simple cornice and rectangular windows with transoms. Alterations also include storefront modifications from the mid-1980s.


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