Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dairy Cooperative Association

I haven't been able to find out much about this building. It was most recently owned and occupied by Land O'Lakes Purina Feed but the property is for sale now. You can see this building crossing the Ross Island bridge eastbound, or stop for a better view at SE 8th at Woodward.



Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Sort of follows the theme that Frank Jump is doing with his Fading Ad Blog in NYC. Something about these images that, to me, gives a sense of time passing that is very large and right in front of us yet we rarely see or think about.

Lisa said...

I just discovered your blog, thank you for documenting all this. I love the old Darigold site also. From what I understand, the Dairy Cooperative Assoc was purchased by the Concentrates store, which operates out of the warehouse connected to that building.

You can find information on the site, including an old photo of this building, in which the sign on the back is visible, at PDXHistory http://www.pdxhistory.com/html/mayflower_farms.html

I'm currently painting pictures of several buildings at this site and am blogging about it at www.pdxicon.com.