Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Louie Louie

Northwestern Studios, 1916

This is a not the kind of advertising sign I'm normally looking for but I thought I'd highlight this missing sign (or plaque), if for no other reason than its impact on popular culture. This building housed the Northwestern Studios in 1963 when The Kingsmen recorded perhaps the best-known version of "Louie Louie" here.

The first photo below shows some vertical white stripes surrounded by four holes. At one time there was a brass plaque here, noting that this was the recording site. It was stolen long ago, leaving nothing but some glue and holes. Soon the whole thing will be gone; the site will be demolished to make way for the new Weave Building. The "ENTRANCE ON 14th STREET" sign, partially visible in the upper-left of the lower photo, will disappear forever too.

See it while you can at SW 13th and West Burnside.



Anonymous said...

This is a travesty! "Louie Louie" is Portland's gift to the cosmos! The aliens will follow this signal to Earth!

Doug Klotz said...

I remember when the city put that plaque there (in the 1990s?) So somebody stole the plaque? Now that entire storefront has been remodeled, I believe.

Dhruv Blanc said...

Just found your blog today it's wonderful. I just reading this blog nice very nice. This is a great and interesting post. The scene is really awful. Somebody stole the plaque? I just can’t believe the case…Thanks for informing the thing.

The Coroner said...

Walked by there today. The building seems to have been spared the wrecking ball by the commercial real estate crash and is now being revamped for retail of some sort.