Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hippo Hardware

Hippo Hardware Store, 1921

Hippo Hardware has carried these signs since 1976. The most striking part of the display is the crowned and toga-ed hippos on pedestals adorning the six curbside columns. Hippo Hardware is on the corner of SE 11th and Burnside.



franciszka said...

i discovered this page while looking for an image of the portland storage co. sign. [one of my favorite biking moments is when that sign comes into view while i'm riding down 11th ave]. thank you so much for documenting these visual moments that i only have documented in memory!

Doug Klotz said...

I think that Hippo moved to this building in the 1990s. Previously they were on SE 12th at Ash in an equally seedy building. They may have moved some signs, but the painting on the posts is, I believe, from the 1990s.