Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Certain-Teed Products

This sign is a many-layered canvas. Certain-Teed Products Corporation probably had the first sign up and it streched across the entire width of that wall. It's still very readable. Less so is the section nearest the street. The Cronin Co., an early Portland saddle and harness company, occupied the building at one time and advertised in that space. An ad for Hood Tires was there at one time also. Taggers defaced a small portion of the lower right corner of that sign (slightly visible in the 2007 photo) but it's been pretty well cleaned up.

Finally, there was an automotive equipment company sign back on the far end of the wall (more tires!).

The Dehen Factory Outlet now occupies that building at NW 10th and Flanders. The US Bank, six or seven blocks away, used to be visible but the Elizabeth Lofts building now looms overhead from across the street.


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