Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Drayage - Storage

Prael, Hegele Building, 1906 (Maddox Building)

Not much call for Drayage services anymore; you're not likely to find that listed in the yellow pages. That service is gone and this sign is not far behind. Located at NW 13th and Hoyt, it shows significant deterioration, especially the "Drayage" side. Look quickly, it will only be there for a couple more decades. Sorry for the crappy 1996 photo.

10/9/07 Update - Re: Drayage services - my brother tells me otherwise and he's right; they do still exist and you can find them in the yellow pages.

Also, I've seen a 1921 photo of this building. In the arch above the door, it said, "Oregon Transfer Co. Warehouse No. 3"


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