Monday, September 10, 2007

Go Faster

Buddha Building, 1900

I'll bet this was a beauty in its time. It's very hard to make anything out now but it looks like there was a colorful scene with some marble columns and shimmering water. The only letters still readable are "Go Faster" which I'm guessing was a tire ad. Since Babylonian or Greek temple themes generally are not used to sell tires, I'm assuming this space advertised several items over the years.

The circles on the right side could be tires, they could be bottle caps - virtually impossible to tell any more. Stand on the corner of NW 10th and Flanders and view this on the north face of the extremely cool Buddha Building. If you can make out what it once advertised, please let me know.

The one-story building in the foreground of the 1996 photo no longer exists. Two of the Lovejoy Columns are on display in that space.

6/17/08 Update: I happened to catch this on a day when the lighting was just right and was able to make out the top circle on the right: "Signal Gasoline." When looking at the 1996 photo, the bottom circle was more visible; deterioration over the years has made that bottom circle even more faded than the top one now.


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