Friday, November 30, 2007

Columbia Window Shade


The north side of the building at NW 5th and Flanders has this nice "Columbia Window Shade" sign. It's deteriorated slightly over the past decade but it's only served to make the sign beneath it more visible, "Art Glass and Mirrors," if I'm not mistaken, is visible. There appears to be even more under that (I can make out the word "Crockery") so it's been a busy location.

Stand on NW 5th and Glisan to see this.


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Doug K said...

I believe that building was the home of Povey Windows, Portland's most famous stained-glass window craftsmen. "Art Glass" was a common term for it. I believe the Povey name was visible on the east wall of this building when the new building to the east of it was being constructed recently (2004??)

Doug K