Monday, March 17, 2008

Holmes Business College

Building: 1907

85 years ago the "Holmes Business College" white paint stood out starkly against the dark brick on the west and north sides of the building at SW 10th and Washington (see bottom photo below). Today they're faded, overpainted and marred by graffiti.

The "M.E. Dinihanian & Sons" is a beautiful sign but quite new.

2007 (from SW 11th and Washington):
This is the north side of the building. Just out of sight behind the neighboring building graffiti has covered the "School" at the end of the top line. You can also see part of the handsomely lettered "Eastern (something) Company" that you can barely make out in the image below.

2008 (from NW 10th and Stark):

1923 (probably from the top of the Blitz brewery at NW 12th and Burnside):

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