Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ruby Mist

Whitney and Gray Building, 1919

Another endangered sign is the "Ruby Mist" ad on the west end of the Whitney and Gray Building, more commonly known as Jake's Famous Crawfish restaurant.

"Ruby Mist" appears to be a soft drink of some kind, and judging by the dress of the people pictured, the sign may have been painted about the time the building was erected. "Owens & Meek" above that appears to be of about the same vintage. "Registers" Butcher Supplies was obviously painted after, and on top of, Ruby Mist. Taggers further ruined "Ruby Mist" with graffiti, apparently in 1997.

A one-story building just below the signs was demolished in 2007 along with the building on the corner of 12th and Washington, creating an alley leading away from SW Stark. I believe this will be part of the 12th and Washington project currently under development on the south half of the block. Hard to say what the future of this sign is but I'd put it on the endangered list.


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