Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Albers Milling Company

Albers Mill Building, 1909

Another iconic building from Portland's early industrial days, the Albers Mill building sits on the Willamette River at the west end of the Broadway Bridge. The building was restored in 1989 and the signs were restored too. While not fading original signs, the restored versions are true to the originals. The ghost of the "Peacock Flour" on the north side is still faintly visible.

One unrestored original is a "Del Monte" sign on the building's south side. Sadly most of it is painted over, most likely to cover graffiti damage. The flour and oats signs are also freshly done. I don't know how far back the originals of these go.

1930s (from historical placard):


C.M. Albrecht said...

Little did our poor mothers know, as kids in the late '30s we used to jump from the bridge through a window that was either broken or open, and gain entrance to the Albers building. Somewhere in the center, there were openings in the floors and buckets of grain, etc. rose elevator-like from one floor to another, and naturally, we loved to ride up on those. We never got caught, and as managed not to get killed either. Ah, what memories!

Unknown said...

Fun story! Thanks for sharing.