Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Roy Burnett Motors

Artisan Building, 1908

The building at NW 8th and Everett hosting the Roy Burnett Motors sign apparently began as a warehouse. Roy Burnett ran a Chrysler-Imperial dealership there in the 1960s; how much earlier and how much later I've not been able to determine.

By the 1980s the building housed a used auto parts company, John's Import Auto Wrecking as I recall. I remember going there myself a number of times; you could wander through six floors of junked cars and car parts. I vaguely remember being saddened when they moved out of the building to the suburbs.

By the mid-1990s or so, the building had its top chopped off, along with a few feet of the signs on the north- and east-facing sides. Five more floors of condos were added as the whole building was transformed into the North Park Lofts.

Apparently Roy Burnett owned the Desoto-Plymouth dealership two blocks south at NW Broadway and Couch in the 1940s.

You can best view these signs at NW Flanders at Broadway or 8th in the Park Blocks.


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