Monday, October 15, 2007

Reid Pacific

The south side of this building at NW 15th and Marshall has had several signs over the years, most of them painted over in white now. The main "roofing" sign has deteriorated greatly over the last 10 years, now almost unreadable.

The "Montgomery Brothers" and "Celsi Wines" on the west face are still hanging in there, but are not in too great shape either. New high-rise construction is currently taking place on the north side of this property and I wonder if this building will survive; it would be nice to see it, and its signs, preserved. It appears the windows have been replaced so that's a good sign.

1996, south face:
2006, south face:
2007, west face:

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Bill said...

This building served as the warehouse for (my grandfather)George A. Celsi's "House of Celsi Wines, Inc." from c. 1945-1957. He also owned the Basket Grocery Stores, the largest one at S.W. Park and Washington Streets in downtown Portland and later owned automotive dealerships outside of Portland. I also recall that the Natural Gas Company might have had their sign on the building at one time.