Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Radio Cab Co.

Oregon Transfer Garage, 1910

Radio Cab Co. has been in this building since 1958. The signs appear to have been kept fresh over the years so they are not technically ghost signs, but it's nice to see how the phone number is presented has not been updated.

A little history: decades ago we had telephone exchange designations; CA in Portland stood for "Capital." People would say "Call us at Capital 7-1212," with the "CA" converting to "22" on the dial. Exchange designations went away in the 1960s so the Radio Cab number became simply 227-1212. Now of course we have to dial 503-227-1212, but the point is the sign remains true to its 1958 roots.

These pictures are from the back of the building but there are nice signs on three sides of the building at NW 16th and Kearney.


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