Thursday, November 15, 2007

Railway Express Agency Inc.

Wells Fargo Stables, 1895

I just recently discovered this very faded sign hiding behind trees at the top of a very handsome building at the corner of NW 17th and Northrup.

I could make out "...ess Agency Inc." on the right side but the left side was a mystery. Internet searches turned up the fact that this site was formerly stables for Wells Fargo. Aha! "...Express Agency Inc." the sign had to say. That led me to Guided by History, the Wells Fargo corporate history blog where I found a photo of the original drawings of the Portland stables building. Bingo! Exact match.

The Railway Express Agency came into being when the United States Railroad Administration nationalized the express businesses of Adams Express Company, American Express Company, Southern Express Company, and Wells Fargo and Company Express in 1917.


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Anonymous said...

Some nice detective work. Well done.