Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Piano Factory/Machinery/Unknown

Portland Machinery Building (now 208 Building), 1895
Seuffert Building (now Lombard Building), 1889

Perpendicular to the wall in my previous post is this pair of walls on adjacent buildings; the Portland Machinery Building in the background and the Seuffert Building in mid-field. The Piano Factory sign is painted atop the Machinery Co. sign, and both are quite visible still, but the closer sign, on the Seuffert Building, is unreadable now.

These two signs are slightly visible from SW 1st and Oak, but are almost impossible to see from the street. I was able to get a photo from the second floor of a building across Oak Street.


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who -where -why? said...

I know thios was forever ago that you posted this...can you make out the rest of the piano factory sign? It looks newer than the "machine" sign just by position. I am researching the building for the owner and there isnt much to go on other than the portland machine building.