Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crane Co. Pipefittings

New Market Annex (New Market West), 1889

This five-story building was constructed as a warehouse, forge, and annex to the New Market Theater and carries a very nice "CRANE CO. - PIPEFITTINGS and PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES" sign.

There's also a smaller Foster & Kleiser sign below and to the left of the Crane ad. "REMOVED" is all that's visible until the trees drop their leaves.

This area can be difficult to see because of the tree growth around the building. The first photos below are from SW 1st at Ash. Walk down Ash to SW Naito Parkway to get a more distant but more direct perspective (bottom photo).



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TheBeanTeam said...

I was looking through Google Book Search and ran across an ad for this location that includes a photo of the structure dating around 1901 when the book was printed. I had a vague memory that I might have seen it here and found that there was indeed an entry for the location. I really enjoy your blogs. Thanks.