Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mallory Logging

United Carriage and Baggage Transfer Co. (Old Spaghetti Factory), 1875

This "Mallory Logging" sign was visible for decades after the company had vacated the building. It's now been painted over a few times and is gone. On the right-facing wall of the 1996 photo is a small painted-over section, just above an electric sign box. That painted-over area once said, "Old Spaghetti Factory," that restaurant chain's original location beginning in 1969.

The view below is from the corner of SW 2nd and Pine.

From National Historic Landmark Nomination, Skidmore/Old Town Historic District:
The three-story brick building was constructed as a livery by the United Carriage and Baggage Transfer Co. which occupied the structure until the mid 1890s, after which it was occupied by Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co., sellers of vehicles and machinery. Around the turn of the century the American Steel and Wire Co. was located there, as well as the J. McCraken Co., commission agents and suppliers of storage facilities and building materials. From 1908 to 1968 it was occupied by the F. B. Mallory Logging Equipment Co.



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