Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hotel Stratton

Porter Hotel Building, 1898

This Hotel Stratton sign is very hard to see in its entirety. You can see "HOTEL STRATTON" okay but below that in large letters is "ROOMS." To the left of that is a finger-pointing image but you have to be on about a 2-foot square bit of sidewalk to see that. It's also adjacent to, and partially covered by, the Coca-Cola sign from several posts ago.

I'm guessing this was painted before the three-story Trivet Towers was built in 1902, otherwise there's no way it could have been seen effectively. Peek around billboards and trees to see it at SW 3rd and Ash.



Lynette said...

Dan, when I get a chance, I'll find that Oregon Macaroni Mfg. Co. wall again. I was sort of wandering around avoiding traffic, trying to get from the Northwest Hills to the Battery Exchange on SE Belmont. On my downloaded photos, its in between 212 NE 6th, the Woodcrafters, and the Franz bakery. Maybe that will narrow down the search, if you're out looking. I don't know if I made any turns or not. We were driving around, trying to charge up the battery in the car after getting it jumped, trying to see if we would need a new one or not. Sorry.

I'm glad you liked the photo/sign.

Anonymous said...

The letters "ATTON" from "Stratton" and the large "S" from "rooms" are very clear on a ca.1905-10 photo at the Oregon Historical Society. I hesitate to post it for copyright reasons, but if anyone wants to look it up, it's OHS neg. #45747 in picture file #1572. I believe it is originally part of the Angelus collection a the UofO. Great blog by the way. This is my first visit. I'll be back.