Thursday, October 2, 2008

Danmoore Hotel

Danmoore Hotel, 1912 (west half), 1924 (east half)

The Danmoore Hotel at SW 12th and Morrison was built in two stages. The top two photos show the "FREE GARAGE - HOTEL" sign on the newer eastern half of the building and the completed hotel. When that part of the building was demolished in 2005 (lower photo), it exposed the original outer wall of the older west end; "HOTEL" and "ON THE CORNER" signs are clearly visible.

The Danmoore came down in 2005 to make way for the First Presbyterian Church's garden and underground parking garage.


2005 - east half (photo: thrift store cowboy):

2008 - east half:

2005 - west half (photo: thrift store cowboy):

2008 - west half:

Thanks again to thrift store cowboy for use of his 2005 photos.


velvetviolet said...

sorry to see that the Danmore is gone, I stayed there often in the 50's with my parents and granmother, I remember it as really big and luxurious :-)

From The HEART said...

That's really too bad...Loved that place!