Thursday, October 30, 2008


Glade Hotel, 1900

This hand-painted, vertical "Rooms" sign is certainly on a smaller scale than most signs I've featured here. I took the black-and-white photo of the "Hotel Glade - Weekly - Monthly - Steam Heat" in 1971 when this area was ground zero for Portland's flophouses. The current photo shows that the adjoining Fritz Hotel to the right has been restored to its original brick and glass configuration.

This is on NW 3rd, just north of West Burnside.




greendeva3 said...

Wow, I used to live there with some folks from 1989-1992. Wonder if the bathtub's still in the kitchen on the first floor, or if the ghost is still in residence.

Elisa L. Williams said...

I think my grandmother, Dee Ruckles Burdick, used to own this building - I see mention of it on the historic record. I'd love to hear more about the ghost!