Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Irving Street Lofts

Blumauer-Frank Building, 1924

The Irving Street Lofts sign is one of of the pioneers of the transition from the industrial district to what we know as the Pearl District today.

A short history of the building:
1924: Built for the Blumauer-Frank Drug Company, a wholesale pharmaceutical company.
1937: McKesson Robbins, another drug company, bought it to warehouse supplies.
late 1980s: Converted to rentals and artists lofts.
1995: Converted to loft condominiums by Grancorp, Inc.

This view is from NW 14th and Hoyt.



-carywd said...

i remember being impressed by this building when we move here in 96 and thinking how wonderful if would be if the entire area moved in the same direction- now i'm not so sure...

Rick Morehouse said...

I Painted that in 95. working for Williamsen and Bleid Painting. THE WRONG COLOR!. Still is, how,s it look? RM